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In order to start the production of edible spoons, engineers from Banatski Karlovac had to design and make machines themselves - for mixing dough, molding, drying in four chambers at different temperatures and packing spoons. It all lasted for two years.

"We had to do everything ourselves from scratch. We tried to find suppliers and nothing was good and in the end we decided to do everything ourselves. "My team of engineers is a fantastic young team that is creative, that chases and grabs, and after two years you can see what we have done," said Petar Radulović, owner of the company "My Spoon".

Edible spoons are made from a mixture of millet flour, gluten, eggs and homemade honey. No artificial ingredients or water are used.

"This mixture, which I got in the end, in different ways for a long time, I added different ingredients at different intervals, until I came to this mixture, which is now completely solid and thermostable," explained the baker Marko Ivanovic.

Currently, ten employees a day produce about 20,000 ordinary edible spoons in one shift, but also with the taste of cinnamon and cocoa. They intend to step on the foreign market next year.

"We believe that edible spoons are the future and that they are a substitute for plastic ones, because when we drink coffee we see people chewing plastic spoons, which later end up somewhere on the alley or in the park. We have always thought of a solution to replace that, " said the director of the company "My Spoon", Leon Caran.

These young entrepreneurs will not stop at one product because they always have new ideas. Planning of the production of edible straws for juices and teas is in progress.

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Company name: MySpoon d.o.o.
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Working hours: Monday-Friday 08.00-16.00h (UTC +1 CET)
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