MySpoon IFS sertifikacija

April 1, 2022 - by admin
IFS certificate

Regarding the efforts to help the products preserve the environment, we strive to ensure and check the quality and safety of products at every stage of production. In this domain, the IFS certificate is at the forefront, focusing on several points in the production process, and by implementing this system at the very beginning of production, we ensure continuous quality.

The goal of the IFS standard is to create a consistent evaluation system for all companies that supply food stores. This is primarily the relationship between the brands of large retail chains.

The IFS food standard is primarily intended to control the safety of food products at all stages and levels of quality of the production process, which allows traceability, ie the ability to monitor the correctness and quality of products at any time on the way from producer to end user.

High standards in the production process and the quality of our products we have decided to standardize through this type of certificate, so that consumers of our products can be sure that the product they enjoy is both safe and high quality.

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