Why should you try edible spoons?

Posted on - 2 January, 2022
MySpoon vs plastic spoon

The idea came from a study showing the harmfulness of disposable plastic accessories in the Horeca program. The plastic from which objects such as coffee mixing spoons are made is very harmful, both in contact with food or drink, and in contact with humans. Snacking on plastic spoons, which has become a habit of coffee lovers, has a very bad effect on the health of the teeth, but also on the health of the whole organism, because by snacking, plastic toxins are directly introduced into the body. After using disposable accessories, these items usually end up in landfills at best, and can be seen every day on city sidewalks, parks, green areas, rivers and lakes.

The fact that something we use for a few seconds remains in the natural environment as a polluter for 1000 years, makes it necessary for each of us to ask about our awareness of the environment we inherited from our ancestors, which we should preserve for posterity. If we take into account the fact that it is a plastic that is not suitable for recycling, the problem certainly deepens. Bearing in mind that the ban on the production and sale of plastic products, including disposable plastic spoons, has come into force in EU countries, it is concluded that all is not lost and that there is hope that the consciousness of the population will change.

We strive to provide healthy, tasty and nutritious products in order to raise awareness of a balanced and healthy diet. The goal of us who make efforts to use edible spoon instead of plastic or wooden disposable spoons is also to inform users in order to spread awareness about the harmful effects of these products on overall human health and the environment. Plastic is a pollutant from the moment of production, during use and after use. Wood is not harmful, but in order to get a wooden spoon, the trees must be cut and that can not be good. Also, in the process of producing wooden spoons, harmful glues and other chemical substances are used, which we consider potentially very dangerous. There is an alternative and we will strive to make our alternative available to as wide a range of users as possible. Therefore, if you are someone who values a healthy lifestyle, then you are in the right place.

The production of My spoon products is absolutely automated. Every machine that is a component of our production plant, we designed and built ourselves. The whole process is the fruit of domestic science and technology, local character but global ambitions. We have capacities that currently reach up to 100,000 units of products per day. The production process is fully automated and complete, so our workers do their jobs with a smile on their face in pleasant conditions and atmosphere. We strive to be a socially responsible company. We cooperate exclusively with domestic producers and suppliers and we try to proudly maintain the slogan "Made in Serbia". We guarantee a perfect price-quality ratio of our products.

The quality of My spoon products is based on completely natural ingredients, such as fresh eggs and natural, sourdough honey with a geographical origin. The percentage of honey is as high as 9%. There are no artificial additives, preservatives or GMO ingredients in our products. As lovers of healthy food, we have omitted the mentioned supplements from our products because we consider them unhealthy and harmful. Our preservative is honey, and the ingredients that make up My spoon are the fruit of domestic production. A special technological process allows My spoon products to be preserved in a natural way, so that all ingredients, especially eggs, are perfectly stable and safe to use. All this makes My spoon edible spoon a perfect dessert that you can use and consume without worry, with enjoyment. The shelf life of the product is longer than 6 months.

We are proponents of hedonism and we have tried to convey the spirit of hedonism to our product. Therefore, you can find My Spoon in the original flavor variant, but also in cinnamon and cocoa flavor variants. Each of My spoon flavors is unique in its own way, and you are left to choose your favorite. Our recommendation is to try them all because they are equally high quality, very interesting and since their caloric value is more than acceptable, we assure you to enjoy you can leave it entirely. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Using My spoon products is the fruit of your and our imagination. A spoon is a 2 in 1 product that changes both a spoon and a dessert that is served with coffee. You can mix coffee, tea, hot chocolate, you can consume honey, natural jams, creams, while snacking and enjoying. Believe us, the combinations of flavors are fantastic and unlimited.

The nutrition of natural honey, fresh eggs and cereals makes My spoon products a perfect treat for children, which can replace classic industrial sweets and have fun playing with flavors and enjoying the shape and crunchiness of a spoon.

Honey is one of the best natural products because it has numerous medicinal and nutritional properties, which make it an indispensable part of a healthy diet. My spoon spoons contain 9% of honey produced on the territory of the Special Nature Reserve "Deliblatska peščara" within the beekeeping associations that have all the necessary certificates that are proof of traditional quality.

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