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MySpoon edible spoons...

My spoon original is the first product from the line of edible spoons of the My spoon brand.

The spoon is a unique combination of the classic spoon that is used in catering facilities, cafes, restaurants, hotels, with the difference that our spoon is edible, tasty, nutritious and healthy. It is designed as a combination of a spoon and a dessert served with coffee.

The edible spoon is made of absolutely natural ingredients, without artificial additives and preservatives, which are widely used in the food industry nowadays.

My spoon original is primarily a spoon intended for mixing hot beverages, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and is also suitable for consuming honey, natural creams, fruit spreads and natural ice cream.


Delicious and healthy product

It will delight every member of your family, especially the youngest!


IFS certification
IFS certificate obtained
1 April, 2022

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